Igrid’s Version Chapter 1.9

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The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction. 

Igrid’s Version Chapter 1 Part 9


Welcome to my blog, I am here today to take you with me to one of my worlds. On this occasion, we will continue with the story where we left it in the last post, and we’ll live it from Igrid’s own skin.


“Do you think you can hurt me?” The man asks me mockingly once Naeria manages to reach me. “Come on, try, your friend can help you.”
“Stop.” One of his male friends tells him, but before he can react, my knife is sunk into his chest.

“What have you done, bitch?” The man howls in pain, wrapping his fingers around the hilt of the sharp dagger. “Now I really am going to kill you.”
Infuriated, he removes the sharp weapon from his skin and lets it fall to the ground through ferocious cries. Drawing his sword from his waist, he gives a step towards me with the intention to kill me so, removing my glance from him, I grab again another knife from my back.
“You think that those ridiculous weapons are going to save you?” He asks me through his teeth, climbing another step. “You’re dead!”
“Not even a hundred like you could even hurt me.” I tell him instants before addressing his companions. “Grab him!”
Following blindly my orders, all of them grab their weapons and, in a second, the impertinent man is surrounded by the shining blades of five electric swords that are left just a few inches from his voluminous neck.
“What the hell are you doing?” He protests confusedly with eyes that show the biggest of confusions. “Kill her!”
“She.” His companion tells him, making a grimace that accompanies the biggest despair. “Is Igrid.”


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The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction

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