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I am D D Zaylar, writer from the novels of God’s Fist, The Devil’s Angel, ,The Carrier of Death and creator of Zaylar’s Worlds. Here you’ll find all the official information on my works and I’ll be posting tales of a few of my characters’ adventures, almost every day.

Today, as this blog’s opening, I bring to you The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction’s presentation. A book that is already on pre-sale and that will be officially released internationally on Friday, March 23rd in English and Spanish.


In a possible future, Earth has been consumed by a war that has dried the oceans and burnt the woods, ending almost all traces of life.

Zayron, wishing to execute the last member of the family that has been about to lead humanity to its extinction, decides to send his entire army to its death to try to have a fleeting chance of ending with his biggest enemies, King Migael. Unable to imagine the price he’ll pay for each one of his choices, he’ll fight for a desired glory that’s tied to the worst of tragedies.

Due to the large amount of erotic and violent stories in my works, I do not recommend buying this for minors, nor for people that are sensitive to the subjects at matter, related to others’ tragedies. The same thing happens with this blog as, completely for free, I’ll expose whole chapters about parallel facts that are told by varied characters from the story.


Thank you for getting up to here and remember, if you want to be informed of my creations and to continue reading this story, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow me on the rest of the social networks. Lastly, if you want access to the main story’s content, you can get the book on Amazon, clicking on the below image. Special offer. $1.22 – $2.99.

Galaxy, outlast
The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction.



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