On the Edge of Extinction

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Zaylar’s Worlds

The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction is a futuristic fiction book in which different stories are told, set in an Earth consumed by the worst of all wars. Seven-hundred years into the future, people have been forced to serve the family that managed to bring down humanity.

Known as Earth’s Kings, they managed to create a dynasty that lasted hundreds of years, being King Migael the last survivor. Keiser, the main culprit that diminished his previous leader’s power, has self-proclaimed himself as Earth´s Emperor and leads a bloody revolution destined to release humanity from the slavery it has seen itself wrapped in for centuries.

On the other side, Zayron, Keiser’s right hand and worldly-known as the Carrier of Death, has devised a plan that, if successful, would save the few survivors from a sure extinction. Determined to go out to the external world one last time, and abandoning the security offered by life in the undergrounds. He finds himself forced to enter the extraordinary settings of the surface, where radiation has consumed everything in its way, ending with any trace of water and, therefore, vegetation.

Having won the right to prolong his life by being the man that has killed most members of the Royal Family, now, at his ninety-four years of age, he finally sees the chance to end his destiny. Prepared to start a battle against Migael, he sends his men through Japan’s old marine pit, where the powerful King keeps his fortress hidden.

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The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction.

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