The Carrier of Death

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Zaylar’s Worlds

The Carrier of Death is a literary saga that belongs to the Zaylar’s Worlds. To this date, the titles of On the Edge of Extinction, The Sacrifices of Duty, and The Norak Landings, have had their launch announced, and will be seeing the light this 2008. Told in first-person, the story centers around The Carrier’s journeys, and different characters of great relevance.

Steering away from the typical theme of the fight between good and evil, we find ourselves looking at a different story, where every character has hidden intentions that will be revealed at the least-expected moment. Following the style that defines the Worlds of Zaylar, you will find large doses of violence, sex, and drama in these novels, told in a very detailed and completely explicit way.

The storyline centers on a constant fight for supremacy, where each character will have to bring out the best they have to be able to stay alive. Obsessed with power, every one of them will try to fulfill their Machiavellian plans, but only a few select ones will be able to leave their names engraved in the hearts of the last heirs of the human race.

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The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction

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