Keiser’s Version. Chapter 1

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I am the writer of what is incorrect, of what is evil, of the lovers of the impossible, of those who have surrendered to lust. I am the writer of bittersweet stories and those that shake the reader to exorbitant levels.

I dedicate this book to my father and I offer him my greatest support in his fight against cancer. Either if he wins or loses, he has decided to confront a direct battle with death and that makes him an eternal warrior.


Introduction. The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of extinction.

Introduction. Keiser’s Version.

Chapter 1.




Introduction. The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of extinction.

The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction is a futuristic fiction book in which different stories are told, set in an Earth consumed by the worst of all wars. Seven-hundred years into the future, people have been forced to serve the family that managed to bring down humanity.

Known as Earth’s Kings, they managed to create a dynasty that lasted hundreds of years, being King Migael the last survivor. Keiser, the main culprit that diminished his previous leader’s power, has self-proclaimed himself as Earth´s Emperor and leads a bloody revolution destined to release humanity from the slavery it has seen itself wrapped in for centuries.

Unable to live on the surface due to the radiation, the cataclysm’s survivors have been forced to reside in the world’s undergrounds where there are no more oceans or even traces of the least amount of vegetation.

Introduction. Keiser’s Version.

This chapter, like the rest I have uploaded and will be posting day after day, is a part of the extra chapters of the story and, therefore, complements them. I must remind you that the book doesn’t need these chapters to be understood, but I thought it would be interesting to tell the story of a few of the characters from each of their perspectives.

Thirsty for revenge, now Keiser will have to decide if he keeps all the people he has freed from slavery, safe, or if he should continue irrigating Earth with the blood of his enemies in a war that, day after day, reduces the scant amount of survivors.

These scenes happen a few hours before the original story.

The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction

Keiser’s Version

Chapter 1.

“Emperor,” I hear a voice whisper that awakens me from my brief slumber. “I have news from the hangar.”

“What do you want?” I ask, opening my eyes and irritatedly, lock them onto the small hunchback. “I ordered you to not interrupt me.”

“I had to.” My old butler informs me, lowering his head even further. “I have to tell you of extremely important things.”

“Talk!” I yell impatiently, making him staggeringly back away in fear. “Don’t make me lose more time.”

Watching how the excitement he had at the beginning fades, I lift my gaze to listen to the noise that emanates from the council’s enormous doors. Opening slowly, I notice a man with dark hair, pushing them open to rudely walk into our most sacred place.

Gloriously, he moves towards us with odd bars protruding from his waist. Moments later, he stands in front of me and, placing a knee on the floor, he prostrates himself submissively.

“I didn’t think you’d come today.” I tell the man that, before even hearing my words, takes the small sticks from his waist and places them on the surface with precision, one just a bit more than a couple of hands away from the other. “What are you showing me?”

“Pifit.” He orders, focusing his powerful orbs on my hunchbacked butler. “Leave.”

Paralyzed by that man’s intense stare, he gives a step back and, without enough strength to make a sound, starts walking outside. Limping, he moves away from us and, staggering, he increases his steps when he sees that the huge door starts to close on its own due to its monstrous weight. Focusing myself again on the rude man, I watch how he handles his watch and, in a few seconds, a strange figure grows between the bars in the form of a hologram.

“This is what you wanted to show me?” I ask him incredulously, not understanding what the uncountable forms he just created mean. “I thought you’d at least bring me something that would spark a pinch of interest.”

“It seems.” He says, locking his eyes, bather by the fire of the worst hell, on me. “That you do not understand what I have in my hands.”

“Zayron.” I tell him, rubbing my eyes, irritated, due to the endless fatigue tormenting me. “Do me a favor and get to the point, there are issues in the hangar that require my attention.”

“These.” He says, standing and raising his hands, starts to manipulate the hologram. “Are the hangar’s issues.”

Making his fingers dance with surprising skill, he starts to change the holographic figures until they are enlarged, a few meters above us. Dumbfounded, I examine the precise illustration of what seems to be our enemy’s base.

“Where did you get this” I ask him, perplexed, unable to understand how he could have obtained the most sought after of documents. “Is it authentic?”

“Yes.” He declares with pride, showing me his radiant smile. “For years, I have been sending some of my men in search of these prints and finally, one has come back alive.”

“You have been sending our boys to the outer world.” I say, growing furious for a moment. “Without even informing me?”

“I am one of your army’s admirals.” He replies subtly in defiance. “I don’t have to bother you with each one of my decisions.”

“I have warned you some time now.” I inform him, standing up. “You can’t always be doing everything you want.”

“I have earned the right to fly freely and make my own decisions.” He protests, manipulating the hologram again. “You know that better than anyone else.”

“True, you have forged yourself quite a good fame.” I tell him, standing at his side as I place one of my hands on his shoulder. “Huh, Carrier of Death.”

“I know well how they call me.” He tells me, drawing a sort of squared mountain that elevates itself between countless craters that seem to expand over hundreds of kilometers. “But I didn’t choose to have that name nor the things they tell about me.”

“What did you expect? How many have died to bring this map for you?” I ask him ironically, examining the hologram in detail. “Your legend goes accordingly with your damn nickname.”

Silently, he presses his lips, refusing to answer me as he continues to manipulate his restless fingers. Second by second, he shows me each section, each form, each strategic point and place we could use against our enemy, but, distrustfully, I stop looking, giving my back to him.

“The only thing that matters.” He responds once he finishes playing with the advanced reality. “Is that thanks to this, our names will be inscribed into the minds and hearts of all the survivors on this planet.”

“What’s your plan?” I ask, walking towards one of the statues that stands tall, next to the council’s high walls. “How do you plan to do it?”

“There’s a hidden staircase, inside the rock wall itself.” He informs me, satisfied, with a tone full of enthusiasm. “Through it, we will access King Migael’s fortress.”

“Do you plan on killing him in his sleep?” I ask, unable to avoid a chuckle from escaping my lips. “You wouldn’t make it, not even with the biggest army.”

“A few men.” He responds, convinced of his words. “Would be enough to infiltrate ourselves and kill him.”

“You’re a fool.” I remind him while watching the majestic statue of one of the ancient kings. “No one would manage to get in there, not even me.”

“If I orchestrate a distraction big enough.” He tells me, standing also next to the prominent sculpture. “I could infiltrate into the fortress and put an end to this war.”

“A distraction.” I say to him pensively sensing his intentions. “I won’t allow you to send our army against that fortress, just so you can have a fleeting chance of getting into it.”

“If I manage.” He responds, biting his lip in satisfaction for his desires to taste the King’s blood. “We will end this war and save humanity from extinction.”

“For how many decades have we been confronting that family?” I ask reflexively, fixating my stare on his reddish eyes. “We are winning, and as long as we continue to be patient, we will keep our advantage.”

“Patient?” He protests in a small shout. “Each day that passes, we become weaker, let me remind you that our number diminishes by the moment.”

“That’s what worries you, humanity’s extinction?” I ask him, hypnotized, believing that maybe his particular orbs can see my soul. “How many will fall if you complete this suicide attack?”

“I will only send my army, the rest of our fleet will stay here with you and the other two admirals.” He declares coldly convinced of his plan’s efficiency. “It will be something quick, I will have Migael’s head in my hands before we can even start to be sorry for having a large amount of victims.”

“I will not allow it!” I say in a shout, unable to contain myself. “If you fail, you condemn us all to a sure death, and if you win, there will be so many deaths, you’ll practically declare the end of our species.”

“What do you want?” He replies defiantly, refusing to accept my words. “Want me to sit here waiting for our world to one day miraculously change?”

“What I want.” I say, frowning. “Is for you to be patient and to understand that we can’t continue fighting.”

“It seems you forget.” He protests between clenched teeth. “That it was you who taught me that while there is an enemy to confront, that we must battle at all cost.”

“Don’t manipulate my words.” I declare, giving him my back to return to my throne. “Back then, we were alone and had no one that depended on us.”

“If you don’t want to attack him.” He says as irritated as I have ever seen him. “What do you want me to do with these prints?”

“Nothing.” I inform him as I sit down. “Take them to the control room and rest, you deserve more than anyone, to take a few days off to relax.”

Pressing his lips, he watches me, repressed, but suddenly, the council’s huge gates open again, giving way to two more men. Examining each of their faces, I notices from the distance that separates us, that the rest of the admirals have decided to come to our place of cult.

Believing that the three members of my famous Trident have confabulated to send me into another battle, I lock my gaze on Zayron, thinking that he is the only one with enough courage to oppose my will. Stopping a little more than a meter from their lord’s throne, they bend the knee quickly to the floor and rise, ready to inform me of their hidden intentions.

“Emperor.” My bothersome friend with red eyes interrupts before any of his colleagues can say a word. “Don’t you care losing what possibly will be, not only the last chance to save humanity, but also the chance to unify it?”

“I have already said my decision.” I declare, refusing to continue to debate on this subject. “So obey my orders like each and every person that is part of my Empire.”

Nodding, he turns towards the entrance and, ignoring his colleagues, starts walking towards it. Feeling how he emanates a fury that would plant terror in the bravest heart, I watch as he abandons the chambers, waiting for one of the admirals to decide to talk.

“And you.” I say angrily, breaking finally the silence that accompanies them. “What do you want?”

“We thought.” Visear, the smallest of the two, says slowly. “That you would want us to create a plan for the battle.”

“There will be no conflict.” I declare again, watching the relief on his face. “We are not prepared for that.”

“Yes, we are.” Lezerion responds, walking towards his couch. “That demon that left through the door surely has found a way to end with Migael and his tirany.”

“Even if he has the most elaborate plan.” Visear protests, also going to his prominent armchair. “If he attacks the King and fails, he’d be condemning us all.”

“Then.” Lezerion says once he has settled, lifting his fist in a sign of victory. “We shall all accompany the Carrier and will put an end to this entire breed.”

“If that is your plan.” Visear responds defiantly. “I don’t plan on going with you.”

“You will go.” I remind them, watching them randomly. “Where I order you to.”

“We have a unique opportunity.” Lezerion tells me, full of hope. “Think about all they have done to us.”

“Don’t try to manipulate me.” I tell him through clenched teeth. “It’s been a long time since any of Migael’s slaves escapes to join our crusade.”

“That doesn’t mean that they don’t need our help.” Visear says as he rethinks. “They might have improved their security, avoiding the condemned from escaping.”

“I don’t care.” I inform them, watching their eyes wrapped in a strange bewilderment. “All those that lack the courage to join my Empire, is an enemy and will be treated as such.”

“Do you forget.” Visear protests, giving me one of his peculiar death glares. “Why we started all this?”

“For revenge.” Lezerion declares, standing energetically. “We promised to hunt all the Earth’s Kings and now we’re about to make it.”

“To save humanity!” Visear replies, in the most defiant way. “This, Lezerion, goes beyond a simple vendetta.”

“Shut up!” I yell at them, creating a desolate silence in our council’s enormous chambers. “I have no intentions of putting my soldiers’ lives at risk for something as primitive as vengeance.”

“This goes beyond any hidden reason we may have.” Visear reminds me, standing from his huge armchair. “It’s a duty we have as men.”

“Tell me, Visear.” I say to him, standing from my throne to walk towards him. “Who am I?”

Paralyzed by my reaction, he immediately presses his lips as Lezerion, just a few meters from him, starts to leave slyly towards the entrance. Unable to give me an answer, he remains silent and, after a few endless seconds, I reach him, leaving my face just a few fingers away from his.

“Keiser.” He whispers, lowering his head, unable to keep my stare even for an instant. “Earth’s Emperor.”

“Good boy.” I tell him, stroking his hair like as if he were a puppy. “Now, before I get angry, get back to your room and do the same as Zayron, get lost for a few days.”

Trying to remain calm, he remains petrified until, moments later, I stop stroking his short, golden hair. Sensing the terror that in an instant I have made arise again within him, I watch as he gives tiny steps backwards to be able to abandon our precious temple as quickly as possible.

“Lezerion.” I say, seeing him give me his back to go towards the huge door. “Do you too have something to object?”

“No.” He replies submissively, focusing his orbs bathed in the hugest of fears, on me. “I am sorry to have bothered you.”

“You will make up for it, leading the fortress while Zayron and Visear take some days off.” I tell him, walking towards one of the statues. “So, go, you have worn out enough of my patience.”

Pressing his lips again, they abandon the immense council’s chambers, finally leaving me alone in the vast space. Knowing I have made the right decision, I try to calm my heart, which vibrates anxiously in my chest, claiming the so wanted vengeance. Refusing to endanger all I have built, I try to release my mind from those thoughts, that would only serve to bring more bloodshed to the rest of our world.

Standing in front of the magnificent sculpture, I examine a woman’s face in detail, one that must have been extremely important in the past. Memorizing each feature of her peculiar beauty, I start to think about everything I have had taken away from me throughout my life and, without thinking, I slam my fist against her.

Disfiguring her face with my heavy blow, I begin to feel a small pain that runs through my hand, through stabbing cramps. Possessed by the fury, I slam against the reluctant sculpture, creating huge dents that end up breaking it completely. Tormented, I watch the pieces of that old structure, without even knowing what its owner’s name was.

Longing to distract my mind, I start to walk towards the council’s entrance, in search for anything that can calm me down. Step by step, my legs move alone towards the statue of a warlord, of who I refuse to say his name. Having studied all the acts that the villain caused, I remain standing in front of it, wondering what the hell he’d do in my situation.

Unable to obtain an answer, I notice my cramped hands are trembling uncontrollably. Closing my fists, I raise them to the skies, becoming blinded by the bright lights that illuminate our council. Subdued to a doubt that invades me in each passing second, I slam my fist into the beautiful statue, making that boy’s face explode in that instant.

Observing the last memories of the blood-thirsty warlord that, in his day, tried to conquer our world, I step on the fragments coldly, opposing myself to any future intentions my subordinates may have of reconstructing it. Getting closer to the prominent entrance, I grab the handles of the enormous doors with both hands, and with a strong wrench, I open them, making them make their characteristic creaks.

Contemplating the huge room there is in front of the council, I start to walk through it, towards the only place I can be bathed in a bit of wisdom. Watching as mi hunchbacked butler prostrates himself in front of me by just seeing me, I ignore him, with no intentions of faking any of the false politeness that, due to my position, I always find myself forced to pretend.

Going through the long hallways of the citadel, I meditate on my scarce options, knowing that each decision I make will mark a before and after in our species’ future. Wishing above all to refloat this world and put humanity back in the place that is rightfully theirs, I walk for endless minutes, until I reach the entrance to my quarters.

“Emperor.” The dozen soldiers that custodies my chamber say in unison, making the most perfect of salutations. “We wish you a good night.”

Turning a deaf ear, I pass through them, ignoring their kind words completely. Offering to open my quarter’s door, Nela, the youngest woman leaves her medical supplies on the floor and stands in front of me, emulating an excessive smile. Placing her small hand on the metallic entrance, she looks at me proudly, saving me the absurd effort of having to open it on my own.

“Keiser?” I hear a shout from within my chambers. “Come, I have been waiting for you for hours!”

Delighted to hear that voice, I feel an unreasonable joy invade me, and, ecstatic, I start to run through the chamber’s hall but the moment I enter the room, the sensual lady that is in it, launches herself into my arms. Heated to feel her body surrounding mine, I set my glance in her sweet eyes and, excited I let ourselves fall on the surface.

Laughing at the situation, the beautiful woman that has my heart tamed, she gets herself together subtly, leaving both knees on the floor.

“Is it true, what they say?” She asks me with a sweetened voice that seduces me with each word. “Have they found a way to end with Migael?”

“Yes.” I declare, surprised at the speed with which the news have been spread. “But it will be impossible for us to end with him, without paying a high price.”

“We won’t pay a thing.” She declares at the same time her kind smile disappears. “”I am sick of so much death, it is time to trace the way towards peace.”

“You know as well as I do.” I tell her, knowing what her reaction was going to be from the start. “That there will be no peace as long as the King is still alive.”

“Sooner or later he’ll have to give up.” She informs me, caressing my cheek with her hand. “He has stopped his attacks and that means that he’s willing to leave arms.”

“Experience tells me.” I remind her, kissing her warm hand. “That when an enemy backs away, it’s time to sentence it.”

“Look at how much damage he has done to our species.” She tells me, trying to make me reason. “A thought as radical as that one.”

“Then, my beloved.” I tell her through clenched teeth. “What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to rebuild this world and to move away from such dark thoughts.” She informs me, moments before connecting her lips to mine. “You have done enough, now you must worry about improving the lives of all the people under your command.”

“Many desire revenge.” I remind her, spellbound by the sweet taste of her kisses. “Amongst those, I sadly include myself.”

“That desire for death shall pass.” She tells me pulling from the reddish thread of her suit and, in an instant, her magnificent breasts are exposed. “Think that peace will always give us more happiness than war.”

Nodding my head subtly, I run my hands across her chest, but at the moment I move to wrap her breasts with my fingers, I feel her fist slam my face astronomically. Shocked by the ferocious impact, I raise my glance to her, who, smiling, watches me while biting her lip.

“Never.” I say to her furiously, while watching her radiant face, full of satisfaction.

Threateningly, she raises her arm towards the sky and, stopping me from finishing my words, forcefully impacts her fist against my chin. Shocked, I start to taste the blood that runs through my mouth and, stunned, I lock my gaze in her shining eyes. Keeping her pleasured look, she pulls the reddish thread of my suit, making it loosen to be able to undress me.

“You, dear Emperor.” She whispers warmly to me as she removes my clothes. “Will talk when I allow you to do so.”

Releasing my arms from the tight sleeves, I see how, calmly, my beloved inches closer to me and, once she’s just a few fingers from my face, I get up quickly, making our foreheads collide. Taken aback, she falls backwards towards the room’s floor and reaching both hands to her head, shouts in pain.

Excited, I get up, standing completely nude in front of her, and, with my hardened member pointing at her, I come closer to my woman, advocating my full intentions of taking her. Wrapping the fingers of a hand around one of her large breasts, I push her, putting her back towards the surface and in an instant, I prostrate her with authority.

Defenseless, she watches me defiantly knowing that there is no way to bring me down, so, subdued, she wraps my rigid member in one of her hands. Thankful, I enjoy each brush of her fingers when, suddenly, she launches her forehead against mine, sinking me into a bothersome daze.

“You think you can tame me?” She whispers through a ferocious chuckle as I fall at her side and, bewitched by her craze, watch her undress. “You might command out there, but here, I’m the one with all the power.”

Immediately after saying those words, she sprawls herself on top of me and, wet, introduces my phallus inside. Moaning so deafeningly she gives me goosebumps, I grab her ample bottom and, pulling back the hip, I penetrate her into the deepest part of her being.

Paralyzed, she stays still as lunge after lunge, I heatedly possess her. Falling over me, she places her forearm on my neck and her lips next to my sensitive ear. Sighing nonstop onto it, she manages to stimulate me to the point in which I find myself forced to make a huge effort to contain myself.

Seduced by her unrivalled charm, I remain fastened to her but, after a few brief minutes, I notice I’m about to lose consciousness. Feeling how my hands grow numb, and my toes tremble due to an incessant tingling, I stop possessing my beloved, losing my characteristic strength.

Feeling like as if I were floating on a cloud, I notice the greatest of pleasures by enjoying the friction her moist vagina gives me by enveloping my hardened member.

“Wake up!” I hear her shout into my ear and, instants later, she removes her forearm from my neck, giving me back the oxygen I unconsciously needed so.

Able to make out her face through my blurred vision, I see how everything around us moves at a distressing speed that stops when my eyes focus on the entrance. Noticing how my cheek reddens, I can taste the blood in my mouth, noticing I have been hit once again.

“Angelica.” I say, claiming my lover, once she starts taking me with acute fierceness. “Stop abusing me.”

“Sweetie.” She whispers, biting her lip. “I haven’t given you permission to talk.”

Thereupon, she places the palms of her hands on my chest and, moaning, starts to sink her sharp nails into my skin. Bellowing due to the huge pain it causes me, I grab her weakly by the neck and squeeze it, trying to make her stop. Observing how my reddish liquid runs down from my abs, I grab her left breast, intent on perceiving her accelerated heart.

Hearing her sighs stop, I give her back the smile that she so selfishly has dedicated to me during the entire act. Watching how her face flushes into a weak purple, I strangle her with even more strength as I feel her fingers tear my skin further. Trembling in agony, I notice how her his move energetically above, impaling my rigid phallus incessantly between her vagina’s lips.

Emitting soft moans between the spasms produced by the lack of air, I start to notice that her eyes’ irises dilutes, disappearing behind her eyelids. Perplexed, I watch the scene and, without releasing her from her captivity, I bring her closer, leaving her face just a few fingers from mine.

Noticing how her breathing accelerates to the point to make the hand holding her breast vibrate, I release it, scared, and, grabbing her from her large bottom, I kiss her, squeezing my fingers against her neck even further. Enjoying the sweet taste that her lips exude, I start to penetrate her with great force as my beloved breaks through the skin of my side, wielding nails so sharp they reach my ribs.

Subdued to the excessive pain her games cause me, I ejaculate into her, unable to stand such a shattering torment. Perceiving my magical fluid release itself inside her, I close my eyes and open them in an instant, feeling how she savagely bites my lip. Screaming in agony, I remove the hand resting on one of her buttocks and quickly wrap it around her neck, trying to release myself.

Unable to escape her bittersweet trap, I start to notice how she tears my face by clenching her teeth even harder against the skin of my mouth. Noticing how my blood leaves me in torrents through the cuts, I am left bent in front of my beloved, who, asphyxiated, continues to possess me until, finally, after uncountable slams of the hip, loses consciousness the moment the biggest of moans escapes her lips.

Fearing for her life, I release her neck and delicately let her body fall over me. Desperate, I try to revive her, but at the moment I notice how useless my attempts are, I lay her on the surface and, dying, I rise above her. Pressing both of my hands to my abdomen, I hold it tight to stop more of my precious liquid to exude from my wounds.

“Guards.” I whisper weakly once I manage to get to the passageway, but unable to make my voice resound through the compartment, I find myself forced to get outside to be able to save my beloved’s life.

Wandering down the endless hall, I feel that in each of my steps, the skin that hangs from my lip swings around my face, as if it was a pendulum. Making my biggest effort to reach the entrance, I think of my wife, who, asphyxiated, lies on the cold floor of our chambers. Forced to let go of my torso to support myself on the walls, I walk as fast as my legs allow me, until finally reaching the door that connects with my beloved guards.

Lifting my arm vigorously against it, I place my hand against the metallic surface and it opens immediately, leaving me naked, in front of my faithful subjects.

“Emperor!” I hear Nela, the youngest of the guards shot as she quickly wraps me in her arms. “Calm down, you’re safe now.”

“You, come in with me.” I hear a man say as he instantly disappears into my compartment, along with three of his partners.

“Handle him carefully.” A woman tells the young girl, who kindly holds me. “He has lost too much blood again.”

Carefully, they place my body over the freezing surface and with my eyes fixated on the lights that illuminate us from the ceiling, I start to notice how my precise stare goes cloudy at moments. Unable to control the blindness that seems to take a hold of me, I raise my hand to my face, but before it reaches its destination, my muscles fail me, making it fall on my chest.

Lamenting myself for the dying state I am in, I feel how my eyes close while my beloved guardians manipulate my body roughly. Fearing for my beloved’s life, I try to bellow due to the suffering the uncertainty causes me, but failing in my attempts to go back to her, I am wrapped in a darkness that seems to expand eternally.


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