Keiser’s Version Chapter 1.3

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The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction. 



Welcome to my blog, I am here today to take you with me to one of my worlds. On this occasion, we will continue with the story where we left it in the last post, and we’ll live it from Keiser’s own skin.


“Where did you get this” I ask him, perplexed, unable to understand how he could have obtained the most sought after of documents. “Is it authentic?”

“Yes.” He declares with pride, showing me his radiant smile. “For years, I have been sending some of my men in search of these prints and finally, one has come back alive.

“You have been sending our boys to the outer world.” I say, growing furious for a moment. “Without even informing me?”

“I am one of your army’s admirals.” He replies subtly in defiance. “I don’t have to bother you with each one of my decisions.”

“I have warned you some time now.” I inform him, standing up. “You can’t always be doing everything you want.”

“I have earned the right to fly freely and make my own decisions.” He protests, manipulating the hologram again. “You know that better than anyone else.”

“True, you have forged yourself quite a good fame.” I tell him, standing at his side as I place one of my hands on his shoulder. “Huh, Carrier of Death.”

“I know well how they call me.” He tells me, drawing a sort of squared mountain that elevates itself between countless craters that seem to expand over hundreds of kilometers. “But I didn’t choose to have that name nor the things they tell about me.”

“What did you expect? How many have died to bring this map for you?” I ask him ironically, examining the hologram in detail. “Your legend goes accordingly with your damn nickname.”


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The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction



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