Keiser’s Version Chapter 1.13

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The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction. 

Keiser’s Version Chapter 1 Part 13


Welcome to my blog, I am here today to take you with me to one of my worlds. On this occasion, we will continue with the story where we left it in the last post, and we’ll live it from Keiser’s own skin.


Delighted to hear that voice, I feel an unreasonable joy invade me, and, ecstatic, I start to run through the chamber’s hall but the moment I enter the room, the sensual lady that is in it, launches herself into my arms. Heated to feel her body surrounding mine, I set my glance in her sweet eyes and, excited I let ourselves fall on the surface.

Laughing at the situation, the beautiful woman that has my heart tamed, she gets herself together subtly, leaving both knees on the floor.

“Is it true, what they say?” She asks me with a sweetened voice that seduces me with each word. “Have they found a way to end with Mígael?”

“Yes.” I declare, surprised at the speed with which the news have been spread. “But it will be impossible for us to end with him, without paying a high price.”

“We won’t pay a thing.” She declares at the same time her kind smile disappears. “”I am sick of so much death, it is time to trace the way towards peace.”

“You know as well as I do.” I tell her, knowing what her reaction was going to be from the start. “That there will be no peace as long as the King is still alive.”

“Sooner or later he’ll have to give up.” She informs me, caressing my cheek with her hand. “He has stopped his attacks and that means that he’s willing to leave arms.”

“Experience tells me.” I remind her, kissing her warm hand. “That when an enemy backs away, it’s time to sentence it.”


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The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction

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