Igrid’s Version Chapter 1.7

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The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction. 

Igrid’s Version Chapter 1 Part 7


Welcome to my blog, I am here today to take you with me to one of my worlds. On this occasion, we will continue with the story where we left it in the last post, and we’ll live it from Igrid’s own skin.


Praised by a mass that shouts uncontrollably, he continues hitting him restlessly even after having given him death. Watch how the life has already left the prisoner’s body, I am left dumbfounded watching how he slams repeatedly the cadaverous face of his poor enemy. Opening his way through the skin and the deceased bones of the battle’s loser, the implacable victor starts to sink his fist into his face with such disproportion, that he ends up making the most horrendous of holes.

Stunned, all the people that are still in the colosseum remain in silence watching the grim scene in which only the sounds of the prominent impacts can be heard. Finally, after some brief moments in which I have found myself forced to watch a spectacle that leaves a bittersweet taste, I watch how the fist of the glorious victor ends up emerging from the back of his dead enemy’s head.

Euphoric, the spectators start to cheer the victor’s name who, gloriously, throws a piece of his last rival’s skull to the tiers. As if they were animals, the people in it fight one another wishing to reach that little trophy while, victoriously, the powerful warrior raises both hands to the skies. Impressed by his implacable performance, the spectators start to shout his nickname and, in an instant, from the distance, the praised man fixates on me his heated stare.


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