Igrid’s Version Chapter 1.6

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Zaylar’s Worlds. 

The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction. 

Igrid’s Version Chapter 1 Part 6


Welcome to my blog, I am here today to take you with me to one of my worlds. On this occasion, we will continue with the story where we left it in the last post, and we’ll live it from Igrid’s own skin.


Watching how the blood escapes him in torrents from one of his ears, I start to feel a slight sadness for the man, that in a few seconds will lie dead with the rest of his companions. Raising his hand again to the skies, the powerful man that seems to control it all, stays waiting, wanting to hear another voice in the crowd that can ask him to take the other’s life.

Following blindly the orders of the subjects that watch the spectacle, he impacts his fist again against the face of the tormented enemy, making him, dazzled, fall to his knees. Ready to lift his hand again, he pulls it away from the dying young man’s head but, unable to wait, all the people in the tiers stand from their seats and, between shout, claim the death of the battle’s loser.

Complying with the members of the colosseum’s pleas, the glorious man starts to hit the face of his fainted enemy with one of his hands while with the other, he continues to hold his forehead. Second by second, he impacts his sharp knuckles against that poor man, causing the blood to spill in torrents from each new wound.


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The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction

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