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I am D D Zaylar, creator of Zaylar’s Worlds and writer from the novels of The Carrier of Death, God’s Fist and The Devil’s Angel. My books are characterized by large doses of violence, sex and drama, brushing, in some cases, tragedy.

You can be up to date on all my works and stories on my blog, where I upload tales related to my works on an almost daily basis.

About me, I can tell you that I am a huge lover of literature and strong emotions, a seeker of great sensations that is dying to find those that can really shake him.

Some time ago, I dedicated my time to professionally taming and breeding horses, as well as to doing expeditions in the most inaccessible areas of the mountain. Later, I dedicated my efforts to the college-level study of criminology, centering myself in the investigation on the worst acts committed by humanity.

At the moment, I am investing my time in various novelistic projects that will come to light in the following months.


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